Backups are a critical component of every company. whether it is the email, a folder with important files or a complete CRM system with all of your customer contact and invoice data, nobody wants to lose that information by means of hardware failures, malware or even worse. Electrodealz offers a new kind of insurance: Backup-as-a-Service, backup on a per use basis. Want to backup just the mailboxes or just the files servers? the complete IT infrastructure including all workstations and laptops? Everything can be backed up.

Electrodealz Backup-as-a-Service is a solution which provides additional protection for your data. with our clear pricing you always know what to expect. Before onboarding we collect your requirements and provide advise on the best and cost-effective way to use the backup in your environment. A site inventory will be conducted to provide a calculation of the amount data. Backups will then be configured, notifications set, and accounts for the self-service portal will be shared. in the case disaster strikes you’ll be back to business in no time.

Many cloud users don’t know that Microsoft (and other Cloud infrastructure providers) are not responsible for data loss. their ‘only’ responsibility is the availability of the platform. This means the customers theirselves are responsible for the data they place in the cloud. Electrodealz offers Backup-as-a-Service for Microsoft and AWS customers as well. This means that, for example, your mailboxes in Microsoft 365 can be protected by our services.

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