Monitoring is one of the key aspects of a well functioning IT infrastructure. Without ‘seeing’ what is happening in your environment downtime is right around the corner. When a financial application is depending on several servers and one of them is down, IT will have its hands full on finding the missing link in the application. Monitoring can pinpoint directly what is causing the outage and therefore help the troubleshooting.
Another advantage of monitoring is using the historical data. Big file servers don’t have unlimited capacity and employees often lack the discipline to clean up old files. Monitoring can insights into data growth over a certain amount of time and helps decision making in, eg sizing the new file servers for storing data.

Electrodealz can help you setting up IT Infrastructure monitoring or even interpreting and/or finetuning the data so the data is easily understandable. Electrodealz even offers a monitoring as a service solution, where the data is collected to our servers and is available for you at any time.